Jason's Bakery AGAIN

I have praised this wonderful bakery in Bree Street Cape Town before on many occasions especially these egg cups, but really I just couldn't resist sharing these again. I had the misfortune of having to commute to Cape Town in the very early morning of Thursday and reached Cape Town at 07h15. Just in time to visit Jason's and order something special for breakfast.

I have had a craving and some serious dreams about these egg cups for the last couple of months but you have to go early for 2 reasons: 1 they are still hot when you get there and 2 they sell fast! They have 3 versions, a tomato, a spinach and a chorizo sausage one. I obviously go for the sausage!

I also got these cranberry buns with glaze which were rich and divine! Together with a Latte my morning was sorted and I was ready to face the world!

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