ANNIVERSARY | Mount Nelson Chef's Table

We celebrated our third wedding anniversary on 30 June and since we were married at the Mount Nelson Hotel, we go there for our anniversaries [First Anniversary, Second Anniversary] and sometimes just because. We love the hotel, the rooms, the High Tea, the restaurant and especially the people. They always make sure you feel so very welcome. I would probably go there even if I hated the food, so I count myself lucky that the food is fantastic!

Thankfully the menu changes regularly so we would never get bored with the selections on offer. Every time was different. But this time we decided to go completely different and joint the main kitchen for their Chef's Table! Here you are in the kitchen with a specialised menu made just for you and you get to talk to the chef's and walk around. A whole new experience.

And then also the present: my beautiful earnings! Some (needed) browny points for Hubby.

 Our beautiful breadbasket with bread still hot from the oven and 
Salmon and butternut roulades

Pepper cured beef with cracked chickpeas, smoked brinjal purée, labneh and short rib fritter
La Motte Sauvignon Blanc - best white wine ever

 Hubby: Soft shell crab rolls with wasabi mayonnaise, sweet soya and chili sauce, tamarind and sesame dip. I had calamari instead prepared the same way.

Seared Norwegian salmon, pink prawn ravioli, crisp sunflower, pea purée, lemon and roe emulsion

Pan fried pigeon, creamed barley and chorizo, baby carrots and root vegetable purée

We were really sceptical about the main dish...pigeon? The vermin in our gardens now on our plate? But Chef Deon said just try it and boy are we glad we did! It was amazing: the pigeon was cooked in a water bath and then pan fried so juicy and tender and I was surprised to learn pigeon has red meat. And the chorizo spicy barley was fantastic! A definite "have again" for us.

Granny smith apple sorbet and crackling

Our second dessert: homemade macaroons and chocolates

Our view the whole evening!

We kept notes and just so you can get an idea:

A special thank you to our chefs: Chef Deon (in charge of everyone it seems), Chef Thembalani (the busy chef), Chefs Deazola, Kirsten and Jason and a very special thank you to our waiter/somalier Edward who made certain that every single dish was paired with a beautiful wine! This is the way to dine, so consider the Chef's table for your next special occasion.

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