COHEN DIET: Weekly Menu Prep

I hate monotony but I am lazy as hell so I decided to give the advanced weekly menu preparations a try. To make my life easier I decided on one protein for lunch and one for dinner. I prepped 2 sides and also 2 sauces to change it up again.

I bought some beef steaks, measured each one and placed them in these small packets, freeze half (there were more than a week's worth) and placed the rest into a container for the week. These are raw and will be dinner. I made 2 sauces (curry and pesto: each with mayonnaise and vinegar) that I will add to the meat as I cook them for variance.

For lunch I have chopped, cooked chicken breast that I can use as a salad or to top a crackerbread. I also prepared salad/stir fry packs: these can be added to the chicken as a salad or stir fry as a side for dinner. I used cabbage as it lasts longer than lettuce. These have cabbage, onion and peppers in them.

The second side which will be used only for dinner is cauliflower "rice" which I can steam, stir fry or mash depending on my mood. Next week I will switch over the lunch and dinner selection making cooked steak for lunch and raw chicken breast for dinner.

The idea is simple: I only have to make it until Friday. If I last until Friday then I can choose whether to continue over the weekend or to have a cheat dinner. I am hoping that after clean living a whole week, I would be disinclined to cheat at all but taking it one day at a time isn't so restrictive.

What do you do in order to follow a diet?

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