Mount Nelson High Tea

Just tell me you can resist this image and I will forever be convinced that you must be an alien! No one can. Even if you hate chocolate (which already means we can't be friends, sorry) there is always a wide selection of savoury. Above however is just your sweet selection. Cakes, macaroons, fondants, mini pancakes, chocolate dipped strawberries and so much more!

I couldn't try half the offerings without looking a complete glutton. Thankfully High Tea allows for a couple of hours to enjoy yourself so don't rush! Go for seconds, no one will know! My goodness, just seeing this makes me feel so sophisticated and posh and really, really hungry!

If you have sweet or hate having to get up, the savoury selection is brought to your table and even here you have a wide selection! Think cucumber sandwiches or smoked salmon sandwiches (it is High Tea after all) toast squares with creamy scrambled egg, different pastries, quiches and pies and my absolute favourite: a mushroom and cheesy filling inside crispy pastry almost like an empanada. I had like a 100 of these at my wedding and would eat a 100 more!

But the tea itself is a fantastic experience. So many to choose from in these beautiful glass pots. The tea itself is a ritual not to be missed and I urge you to go and sample a couple of different ones. Really relaxing and wonderful. Obviously if tea is not to you liking, a glass of champagne goes well with everything on the menu...

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