ANNIVERSARY | Cake Velvet Company

This is such an evil little shop!! They used to be inside the premises of Treat where we had the misfortune (for my waistline that is) of discovering the Cake Plate. At least while inside of the little restaurant it wasn't in your face every time you had to visit Baby City. You could ignore it, pretend it didn't exist while the little devil on your shoulder said: "you must be hungry, just one little bite won't hurt"/ You could be strong: out of sight, out of mind. Until now that is...

Now they have their own premises with an almost direct line of sight. My jeans already started to protest as I walk closer and closer. I justified the visit with the fact that it is our wedding anniversary and we now have a tradition of having red velvet cake (our wedding cake) annually and I couldn't just ignore this tradition could I. So the idea was to buy 2 small(ish) cupcakes. I'm not an idiot. I knew if I bought a cake I would be stuffing my face...

But wait, ignore the whole fridge full of cupcakes (yes a whole bloody fridge people) and walk over to the 'mini cake' stand. rows upon rows of mini cakes and there just happened to be 2 red velvet cakes to choose from. I must admit it took great restraint from my side not to buy both: a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting inside, covered with meringue frosting or the half cheesecake and half red velvet cake option. 

I chose one (with a heavy heart) and went for just the plain red velvet cake (like I could really call it plain!!). And just look at it: dark, bright red, moist and utterly delicious. The type of cake that won over even the diabetic-I-hate-cake coworkers (I took some to work the following day in an attempt not to eat it all myself!).

They also sell these adorable cake toppers and I just could resist. I bought the black PVC "you&me FOREVER" one and a wooden one for birthdays. Isn't it just gorgeous? So Hubby came home after work with this waiting for him on the counter before our dinner date.

A beautiful cake that was utterly delicious. As I type this I have to fight the urge to go directly after work and get another one! Just don't take the last one because I might just be behind you in the shop and I will cut you if you do! Don't get in between me and my red velvet cake!

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