Our 1st Wedding Anniversary.

As we to married in the Mount Nelson Hotel, it is the only place to celebrate our First Wedding Anniversary. So what is really nice, is the fact that our wedding packing (among many other things) also included our first anniversary dinner. And the staff really try to make it special. Every single person who approached our table (from the person serving bread, filling our water and drinks glasses, serves the food, clears the food - yes they have a lot of people to look after you) knew it was our anniversary and congratulated us.

Something else the we always appreciate when we dine at the Planet Restaurant is the effort that the chef put into creating these little morsels that the serve while waiting for your food. This time we ad the best prawn tempura ever (according to hungry hubby) and cured beef and feta bite, a brilliant curried potato and leek soup and crudités with an eggplant dip. It was a good thing we didn't order starters! And by the way these little bites are always complimentary.

Hungry Hubby chose a big piece of succulent steak with chunky fries (and yes even the fries are better than a normal steakhouse) with a béarnaise sauce and a chef salad.
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I had the linefish of the day (yellowtail) with mash, a herb pesto, tender stem broccoli and brusselsprouts. According to meat-lover Hungry Hubby, he almost (almost!) preferred the fish!

For dessert I chose a dish called "dumb blond" that has these delicious doughnuts filled with a white chocolate mouse, banana slices and goodness know what other goodies (a ribbon of pancake, vanilla ice cream and more white chocolate mouse).

Hungry Hubby went for something less sweet and chose the Baked Goat's Cheesecake. It was served with sweet quince jelly and braised sweet onions and little filo squares filled with blue cheese. It was a strange combination but it really seemed to work!

We had complimentary champagne ( or at least Hungry Hubby had our two glasses and I had an Appeltizer) and I had a non-alcohol if pepper pineapple Moch-hito and Hungry Hubby had a Van Rhyn brandy at the Planet Bar.

Ps as his gift I took him to the Van Rhyn distillery in Stellenbosch, where I had a huge piece of chocolate cake while he tasted the 10, 12, 15 and 20 year brandies.

I bought him the 15 and 20 year old brandies and 2 legend crystal balloon glasses. Now he can enjoy his favourite drink at home. I even bought the chocolates they use as palette cleansers.

I think we are going to make it a tradition!

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