Club Med Kani, Maldives

We are going to Maldives! I can't wait as it is not only the first time visiting Maldives but also my first Club Med experience, so I am really excited. And boy, I can't wait to be spoiled for choice with both food (there is 2 restaurants apparently apart from the buffet main dining) and cocktails from the 2 bars. Mine will have to non-alcoholic but I'm certain they can provide me with an non-alcoholic piƱa colada! 

We're not staying in the suites on stilts as the are quite expensive but also, I believe noisy. Can you imagine having people walk past you room on a jetty every night? And if you take the ones at the furthest edges to avoid too much traffic, then you will have one hell of a long distance to walk to your room. Usually that would be fine if you only go to your room in the evening but can you imagine having to go back and forth if you forgot something? I'll leave that to the honeymooners who probably won't be leaving the suite in any case. No we are trying in the Deluxe bungalows that are also on the beach with beautiful views but closer to all the goodies.

Our plans are to go to the Spa while the guys g deep sea fishing, I'm going to read by the pool while the rest of the group go scuba diving, then maybe one day to Mahe which is 30 minutes away and there is one excursion for souvenir shopping. The rest of the 8 days will be reading, relaxing, eating and drinking away from all the stresses and heartbreak already delivered this year.

So don't expect any posts until the 21st of June. I will thereafter give a complete post on all that has happened. 

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