Baby Reveal Party

We finally had our Baby's Gender Reveal Party and what a success it was. Half of the family and friends said it was a girl and the other half was convinced it was a boy...

The menu was straight forward (even make ahead) and catered for a cold evening (divided between a starter, Pink and Blue):

Homemade French Onion Soup with French Bread
Chicken Curry with Rice
Beef Chilli with Assorted Breads

Condiments for the Chicken Curry was chutney and desiccated coconut (traditional with South African Curry plus the unusual addition of fresh bananas, but they don't keep as well). With the Beef Chilli we had homemade Tzatziki and sliced jalapeƱos. 

The decor was a perfect division of Pink vs Blue. With pink and blue fizzers, smarties/mints, straws, Le Creuset bowls, streamers and lips/moustaches. All the Pink was on the left and all the Blue on the right. I also found the cutest little juice dispenser and made cocktails in brilliant blue and vivid pink.

For dessert we had amazing cupcakes from The Cupcake Garden. I had to get as many as possible because they tend to create fistfights (they are that good) and a small cake that was to be cut. The cake itself was dyed zither pink or blue but the cupcakes themselves each had a pink or blue filling so we had to guard against them being stolen!

And now for the reveal.... it's a....


With special thanks to my cousin Stefan De Goede for his homemade
French Onions Soup and Beef Chilli

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