Egg Cups | Jason's Bakery

I have sung the praises of Jason's so many times and will continue to do so for the rest of time. I have had their new coronation chicken sandwich (very sweet on crusty bread, divine!), can't live without their chocolate croissants and have smoothed ruffled feathers with the almond croissants.

I always visited during lunch hours but one morning had to come to work early. They open at 7am and then you can order one of 3 egg cup versions: smoke salmon, chorizo or sundried tomato, while still hot from the oven. Oh my gosh... flaky pastry, spicy centre (I chose chorizo) and a beautiful egg on top! At 8am they were still warm and I ended up having both! 

And they are so filling that I didn't need to order any lunch! Best start to a weekday morning yet!

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