Toddler lunches

{UPDATED} It is been such a hectic week. Actually hectic month! No, I can take it even further and state categorically that 2015 in not going to be a relaxing year. It has been so crazy that the only one in the house getting a (consistent ) lunchbox is the Little One. At least they verge on being a proper and healthy lunch box.

For those struggling as well here is what a did with my toddler lunches:

Sometimes only a children-friendly sausage will do! For fibre I added some dried fruit, protein is from the yoghurt and cheese squares (her favorite) and some rice crackers for crunch. I then added blueberries, grapes and stoned cherries.

Little One loves pork bangers/sausages so much (just like me) that when I make them for supper I always make extra for her lunchbox but you can also buy mini ones from Woolworthes now. In this one I added cheese roll for carbs,  yoghurt for dairy, green pepper strips, pineapple strips and dried fruits.

Sometime having something small is all she needs so I added 2 lamb meatballs and 2 ham and cheese balls (I never know what she might like). Added some vegetables for a change in the form of green peppers and carrots and some cherries, blueberries and raspberries.

Almost Easter (according to the display in all the stores anyway) and Woolworth's do these chocolate hot cross buns! Only for a while before Easter and I love them!! Add some butter and voila, great snack. I added some chicken breast, special kiddies sausages and grapes, strawberries and blueberries.

I hate adding bread to her lunchbox as she gets a 15h00 sandwich from the school as well, so this time I added rice crackers. Again these are for kiddies. I added some dried fruit to the berries and for protein I added chicken breast and laughing cow cheeses.

Mini pork bangers, the Little One's dream! To cut down on sugar I use half kiddies yoghurt and half plaint full cream yoghurt. Even kiddies products (or sometime because it is marked for kids) are very high in sugar.

Woolworth's has also brought out a mini hot cross bun which I cut in half and then divided each half into to, spread with butter: easy for the Little One to hold and eat. I added chickens strips and some mini corn cakes. For fruit I added some pineapple and blueberries.
At school she receives a cooked porridge and a cooked meal so I don't mind too much the "easy meals" I add to the lunch box. However if these are the only meals you intend giving cut down on the processed pieces and watch the sodium and sugar intake!

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