Lunchbox: Monday, 2 February 2015

Little Em is so much like her mother: she absolutely adores pork bangers (sausages). We BBQ them on hot coles so the are crispy on the outside and always make sure we make some extra! And what is good for the little one is good for us, so leftovers are designated straight for the lunch box ( Hubby doesn't get to them first!).

We had curry noodle salad with celery and dried raisins with the bangers for dinner, which is a cold  salad in any event, making it perfect for lunch. I added some sliced bangers in the removable dish. I added banana bread (another favourite of both me and Little Em), sandwiched with butter, 2 Laughing Cow cheese triangles and some fruit: juicy and sweet pineapple, strawberries, blueberries and grapes.

For the little one I added sliced bangers and small Laughing Cow squares (which are so much easier to eat), banana bread sticks (no butter) and fruit. I always add some full fat yoghurt, sometimes homemade to cut back on sugar.

I do however think it is time I seriously started thinking of doing something proactive in losing some of the "baby-weight". I put it in brackets because really, she is almost two and I did add some after her birth so I blame the pregnancy but know it's just me overindulging constantly on processed food. The idea is to loose some weight but also to instill some healthy eating habits that will translate into Em  learning them vicariously through me. However as I have the worst eating habits ever, it might be a too daunting task. 

Any advise? What steps have you taken in the new year? Leave a comment below, share your tips, advice or diet secrets!

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