Quick Toddler biscuits

Some times old-school is the best. We used to make these quick biscuit while I was still in primary school using Marie biscuits and big marshmallows. You could use any biscuits but since we now have access to mini biscuits and mini marshmallows I just couldn't resist! There were Marie biscuits available but I am a sucker for anything coconut so I bought Tennis biscuits instead (coconut biscuits).

These are so easy I won't even type out a recipe as it is not needed: place a couple of biscuits on a plate and top each with a mini marshmallow. Microwave for 15 to 30 seconds or until the marshmallow puffs up. Remove and gently place another biscuit on top and press down until marshmallow can be seen coming out of the sides.

You can make these even fancier like dipping them in white chocolate and sprinkle with some pretty sprinkles but they are great just like this.

I added a couple to Little Em's lunch box together with home made meatballs, grilled vegetables, french toast fingers, yoghurt and dried fruit. Wow I was so domesticated! 2 home-made goodies in one lunch box! I must over do it!!!

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