My new Lunch box | Lunch box Thursday 11 June 2015

I just received the cutest ever lunch box! It has a bright pink top with a shocking green bottom and comes with a black and white striped elastic that covers the "no peeping" note in the middle. I love the comment on top of this being "My very healthy snacks" because it usually isn't! Just check out what I actually had inside!

I made myself a cheese and salami sandwich on white bread with lots of proper butter and chutney for sweetness. I added some healthy aspects such as grapes and strawberries. The Little One had a healthier lunch box: a fish cake cut into quarters, grapes and strawberries, 1 piece of salami rolled up and grilled zucchini and carrots.

I might not look after myself that well, but at least I go the extra mile for the Little One.

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