Lunchbox: Mommy Daddy and Me

Hubby made a passing comment to the effect that he is always eating his lunch before 13h00 as he is always hungry before lunch time so can I please add a "snack" for 10h00 so he doesn't devour the lunch box's contents too early...well this cause a dilemma! All pretences of a healthy lunch box for Hubby was out the window.  

This is what the 'healthy'-ish lunch box was suppose to look like: 2 hotdogs (a bit much but I was scheduled for a late night at the office), 1 naartjie, a couple of radishes, green Tabasco sauce and tomato sauce. Still contains processed viennas and white bread but at least also include a fruit and a vegetable right?

 Wrong, Hubby's is bread, bread with a side of bread and a whole lot of processed meat! It was his specific requests though...I promise. 2 Hotdogs with double viennas (he has Tomato sauce at work) so a small red Tabasco sauce container, another hotdog filled with his (and my) favourite filling: french polony from Woolworth's (only) with butter and mayonnaise. He also has cheese and chicken meatballs to round off this meat fest...sigh.

At least the Little One had a better fair: full cream yoghurt, 1 vienna, 2 cheese and chicken meatballs, string cheese, 2 fruit flavoured rice crackers and some grapes. At least one of us had limited processed meats, proper diary and some fruit... The life of a mother trying to feed everyone a proper lunch.

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