Why is this picture so popular?

This picture is the most popular post on this blog for nearly 2 years! Why? I suppose it all comes down to these plain rolls looking so good? What was on it? Whole wheat seeded roll with pastrami, lettuce, sharp cheddar and mustard. I started this blog with absolutely no experience especially in regards to photography. the only thing I have learned is to always add something green.

So my question remains: why is this picture so popular? Is it the food, the colours (love those carrots), the photography elements (light, composition etc)?

I would appreciate your input so I can improve my photos so all my lunchboxes would excite so many people as this one. Anyone is welcome to comment and please do. It is always good to know what people like and what they don't like. 

Maybe we should extend it to all aspects of the blog? What improvements or changes should I consider? What should I stop doing? This is your opportunity to become involved in this blog.

For all those readers who have been with me from the start, thank you! Seeing you visiting my blog makes me feel like someone out there gets it. For all the new readers, welcome and I hope to see you interact more. Leave a comment, whenever whatever, even if it is just to say hi!


  1. Because it looks super yummy. Hungry hubby wants you to make it again.

  2. It looks playful and colourful and just delicious!

  3. Ons was almal honger toe ons na die foto gekyk het, die kos lyk vars en mooi.

  4. Just looks colourful and scrumptious!!!

  5. Dit lyk yummy yummy.


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