Weltevreden Playground Stellenbosch

We were fortunate enough to have one sunny day in the middle of our June/July winter and we immediately headed to Weltevreden Estate in Stellenbosch. It was so nice that I thought I should share it with you. On a wine estate, hidden on a back road is a children's paradise that caters to their every need but takes the grown-ups needs into consideration as well.

The have real wood-fired pizza ovens with child friendly pizzas options such as Hawaiian pizza as well as gourmet pizza for the grown-ups such is the one pictured. They have thin crispy bases and are really delicious. I would probably go for the pizza alone! The also have chicken strips and other options in the (very) unlikely event that your little one doesn't like pizza.

I really do love the decor with real Italian flavor: red and white tiles everywhere! They have popcorn and slushy machines. Everything you can dream of!

Ice cream and cool drinks for the kids and a decent wine list for the adults including other beverages such as beer and champagne. The wine really does make the experience worthwhile to the parents as well.

There are 2 playgrounds: one big and one small but with lots of slides, places to climb and even some cycles to ride. They have child minders everywhere to help with watching the little ones and the place is enclosed so only one entry in and out. If the kids get too much for you they also have seats outside the play area and a nice restaurant to sit and eat.

Little Em is only 9 months old but even she loved it, being taken down the slides and watching the bigger kids playing. I will definitely take her again. They also so do kids parties with pizza and chicken strips to share. An event for any day.

 A brilliant place for a sunny afternoon! See you there next time!