Lunch box: Friday, 25 July 2014

Today I want to show you the difference between Lazy-Mum and 5-Minute-of-effort-Mum. I admit I have been Lazy-Mum for a while now and even last nigh but though: Enough! So this is what Lazy-Mum's lunch box looks like (below): just leftovers, thrown into a lunchbox - pork bangers, mash and my secret mushroom pepper sauce with some steamed brussel sprouts. Not very appetizing to look at right.

And how do I change it? By spending 5 minutes to change it (above) to my PlanetBox (a much better portion size too) and adding an orange, strawberries and grapes. Was it so difficult? No, I'm just lazy!
Little Em is having a a pork banger cut up, 2 steamed brusselsprouts and a steamed mushroom as her snack, with halved grapes and yoghurt. She really is enjoying the baby-led-weaning approach.

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