Lunchbox: Monday 21 July 2014

I love chicken schnitzel. Even pork schnitzel or any schnitzel (hmm veal...) so of course I make extra for dinner (always with garlic mash and sweet peas) and added it to the lunch boxes. I love mine with just some lemon juice so I added some to the lunch box as well and some huge juicy strawberries. It's almost low carb!

I hate doing purees for Little Em. How can it be tasty? Especially when you start mixing all the different components such as meat, pasta and veggies! So I have recently read about "baby led eating", which basically means you give your baby food, real food the same as you will be eating and just cut it into smaller more manageable pieces. So herewith Little One's first lunch box!

I added some sliced chicken schnitzels, steamed carrots and baby sweetcorn, a strawberry and yoghurt. I also added some of her cereal for in case she is still hungry after these nibbles. She has been enjoying finger foods so much and really I had no choice in the matter anyway: she was starting to grab the spoon every night frustrating me trying to get a loaded spoon in her mouth while dodging these fast sticky little fingers!

She really has grown so much. I am still used to just placing her in her bed and not have to worry about her getting up or even rolling around. Now though, things have changed (she is 9 months old after all!). The other night she scared me senseless. Our baby monitor has a night vision camera attached (for lazy people like me), which means I can check on her without going into her room. Well, I heard her moan a bit and we switched on the camera to see what she was doing: there she was, sitting straight up with just her one, creepy glow-in-the-dark eye close to the camera! Almost crapped my pants! At least in daylight she is a cutie pie...

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