LITTLE PINK CHEF: Macaroon class

We have done some cooking classes with The Little Pink Chef though usually not something sweet, so I was very happy when Maryke was able to organise a Macaroon Cooking class for us with an pastry chef, Lisa-Marie Swanepoel. I will share some of the recipes later but right now I just want to share our experience with you.

We were optimistic but assumed that this would be a highly technical class which we will never be able to do at home, in other words something we will do only once as it would be too difficult to do at home. But we were so wrong. Lisa-Maria did not only make it look easy but explained the steps in such a way that it seemed less and less daunting.

We ended up with such amazing macaroons (and one hell of a sugar-high) and at least several possibilities for future macaroon based parties!

A picture of our luminous purple ground almond mixture before we added the whipped egg whites.

This is a good picture to see the consistency of the 'batter'. If it is too loose then the macaroons won't rise.

The end result was beautiful and it is difficult to explain the joy of biting into a freshly baked macaroon straight from the oven. Even adding a filling seems unnecessary.

We had so many different ways of decorating the macaroons, though I must admit I like them either plain or with a little shimmer.

A special mention must be made for this amazing chocolate butter cream filling. We added coconut essence on a whim and it turned out so delicious that we were eating the filling by the spoon before we even had our first macaroon from the oven. I took some home and had to throw it in the bin as I was having a spoonful every time I walked past! And after I had chucked it in the bin I immediately regretted it! This would be fantastic on cupcakes and can't wait to create an excuse to make it again.

We really had a fantastic time and it turned out that with the right guidance, we can make macaroons everyday! Thank you Maryke and Lisa-Marie!

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