Bastille Festival 2014 Franschhoek

Am I lucky or what? My birthday corresponds with the annual Bastille Festival held in Franschhoek and as has become our tradition, we attended with some friends. I love it as all the locals go to such lengths to bring French flair to the wine lands.

Little Em's also enjoyed it very much. So much in fact that we couldn't get her to take her afternoon nap!


As with all our outings to Franschhoek, we couldn't leave without stopping at the French Connection Bistro for some off the best food ever. I did break with tradition and instead of ordering my veal with three mushroom sauce I ordered the sweet and sticky pork ribs and instead of ordering the creme brûlée, I ordered the pecan nut pie. As always it was delicious!

Hubby had a rib eye steak with the three mushroom sauce and fries. The sauce is just so amazing I need to try and recreate it at home. He also broke tradition and had the steamed lemon pudding. The way we order dessert is as follow: I choose 2 options (as I can never make up my mind!) and I order one and he orders the other, then halfway through we swap!

We really had a great time and the venue was so cozy with the wood burning stoves that we could enjoy the afternoon without worry for the little ones. 

Another year has passed and I'm another year older but hopefully a lot wiser. I have a great Hubby and a beautiful little girl to brighten any day. It can only get better from hereon!

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