Sauasage and Scrambled Eggs

What to make for breakfast when all you have is a couple of eggs, some 'vienna' sausages and a couple of days-old bread? Scrambled eggs on toast! And the best part is everyone loves it! I have learnt two things in all my years of making scrambled eggs and that is:
  1. Stop cooking the eggs BEFORE they are set as they continue to cook after you remove them from the pan; and
  2. Add mix ins (other than cheese and cream cheese) at the end of cooking or your eggs become watery!


So obviously you don't want a bite of creamy hot egg and cold sliced sausage so the secret is to fry the slices until hot and turning almost golden in a bit of butter before hand. Remove from the pan and set aside (covering them with foil so they don't go cold - that defeats the whole exercise!) and then continue with the eggs. An added bonus is that the butter will have a slight sausage flavour to add to the eggs it tastes almost like it would have if you added them from the beginning.

Then lastly mix the sausages back in, stir through and pour onto some gloriously toasted bread (toasting the bread breaths new life into slightly stale bread - a life savour it is!). Then top with tomato sauce for the little ones and Siracha for Hubby!.
Please don't forget a plate for yourself! I sometime do. Why not add some sliced avocado to the toast first topped with salt and pepper and add the eggs on top? Or try plain old Cheesy and Creamy Scrambled Eggs or even just Scrambled Eggs with Basil Pesto.
You have to love eggs. They are so versatile!

How do you like your eggs?


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