Lunchbox | Ham Sandwich

A decent lunch but still on the bread... I love bread. I feel really sorry for those with gluten allergies who can't enjoy this simple far-reaching staple. Whether you live in a mansion or a small house, everyone enjoys bread. Unless ofcourse you are LCHF or Paleo or Atkins orientated - then bread is the devil and this is primarily why I hate diets!

And reallly, how good does a single sandwich with mustard (Dijon), shaved ham and lightly salted butter on fresh white bread, look? Add yoghurt (half banana flavour and half plain) and 2 huge juicy strawberries and you have a decent lunch! I cut the sandwich in 4 so it looks like I am having a huge sandwich when in actual fact it is only 1.

I was not about to enjoy the snadwich alone, no way. I gave the Little One half a sandwich withless mustard and I added cream cheese to hers. I also added a chicken nugget, a strawberry and Rosa tomatoes. She had the other half of the banana yoghurt pot mixed with plain yoghurt to half any sugar.

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