Lunch box | Low carb

Sometimes I just like to nibble throughout the day instead of having one big lunch. It's usually when I am very busy so if I can nibble with one hand while typing with the other, then I am happy. I am trying to live a bit'cleaner' meaning I am trying to cut down (not exclude completely!) processed food such as bread, sugar and any other nasty stuff. I love bread too much to stop eating it ever again!
So I have some meatballs and cheese sticks and cucumber batons. All a bit boring but then I add my secret dipping sauce: 2 TBSP plain full cream yoghurt with 1 TSP onion marmalade, mixed well. It goes with the cheese, meatballs and even the cucumber. I ended up licking out the bowl afterwards! This would also make a great a quick dip sauce at parties.

The Little One's lunchbox was a lot healthier: meatballs, Rosa tomatoes, steamed veggies, strawberries and plum slices. Woolworth's sells these veggies in little packets that you steam in the microwave. I add them to her dinner and any leftovers to her lunchbox the next day.

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