Boy Baby Shower

In our family the girls ready do dominate the boys in everything, even in numbers. So all the baby showers and birthdays are all pink and girly! But recently family friends (who are more family than friends) had the joy of announcing the arrival of their little baby boy, named Roux (this despite daddy not being able to pronounce the R!). I therefore decide to introduce a bit of blue among all the pink on the blog and to give some great ideas for a boy baby shower.

The party itself was held at a restaurant and the theme was everything to do with moustaches as in: I moustache [must ask] you a question!" The cake was adorable and the decor was simple yet elegant: mason jars with sand and some signs and blue and white balloons everywhere. For favours everyone got to take home a small blue bottle nail polish.

Every had a beautiful and delicious chocolate cupcake and brownie cookies cut out in the shape of a moustache. For snacks the family brought out platters ordered from the restaurant and we had enough to eat until we could no more.

I hope this inspired you if you have a boy whether it is for a baby shower or a first birthday! Enjoy

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