Easy Halloween Cupcakes


Oh goodness, it's that time of the year: Halloween is around the corner and you didn't plan any treats! What to do? Well, you could make the Kit Kat Frankenstein Fingers or you could just fake it! I mean why stand in the kitchen and bake and slave over a hot stove when you could have a great Halloween treat in 2 steps?

Woolworth's sell these jelly eyes and most supermarkets should sell some version of eyes. Buy these and some colourful cupcakes. And all you need to do is add the eyes to the cupcakes and ta-da! Quick Halloween cupcakes! Go wild, add different coloured eyes, different amounts or sizes. Add lips or candy teeth, whatever you shop sells!

Add to the cupcakes these cute ghost marshmallows and whatever other decor they sell. South Africa is finally getting the hang of this! Now if only I could find cute costumes as easily...

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