COHEN DIET | Steak/Chicken/Feta and Fruit Salad

I was so tired of the same old salads and I had a sweet-craving competing with a crunch-craving. So without being allowed any sugar or honey, I added fruit to sweeten the deal. I added both a plum (for the glorious red colour) and an apple (for the crispness and sweetness). I added the vinegar for the sour effect but couldn't decide on the protein. So now you have 3 options:

The basis of the salad is as follows:

• 1 plum, diced
• ½ an apple, diced
• ¼ onion sliced
• ½ cup sliced cucumber
• 1 cup lettuce and or spinach.

Then add 1 cup beef (as in my lunch) or 1 cup chicken, sliced. Or add ½ cup (1 wheel) feta, broken up or sliced. For Hubby I added the feta AND the chicken for added protein. 

The salad dressing is:
• 1 tbsp vinegar
• 1 tsp mayonnaise
• ½ sweetner packet or ½ tsp honey

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