COHEN DIET | Chicken and Parsley Salad

This salad was based on the Beef and Parsley Salad of Monday except that I had to use red peppers as I ran out of green pepper. For some odd reason the Cohen Diet excludes red and yellow pepper but allows green peppers and it is such a shame because it gives a beautiful collection of colours to any dish. I checked and a 100g green pepper versus a 100g red pepper comes to about 10 calories. So using 10g of either makes a difference of 1 calorie.

So with my 'chicken salad' I had cooked cauliflower as I am still not inclined to use Hubby's lettuce. The peppery taste of the rocket would dominate this mellow salad too much. I made the same lunch for Hubby using 2 chicken breast and adding ½ cup fresh mozzarella and ½ and avocado with baby spinach leaves that I pile on top so the vinegar doesn't make it wilt. I hope he liked the combination...

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