Valentine's Day: Date Night Jar

A date night jar by Monique

I have some amazingly talented people in my family! One of them is my cousin Monique ,who made me this beaitiful gift to share with Hubby when we have run out of ideas for date night: a date night jar!

And it is so simple to make, so if you don't have a gifted cousin to make one for you, you will just have to do it yourself! All you need is:
  • a mason jar,
  • some decorations such as above (available from most scrapbook shops),
  • wooden sticks
  • alphabet stickers or rinestones
  • hessing or any other material
  • extra decorations for the wooden sticks (as many as you want depending on how many ideas you have).

As it was a gift, Monique included vouchers in the jar as well, but knowing our time restraints, she also included money (enough for a movie or lunch etc) So cute! 

Here are some of the date ideas included in the jar:

Let's start with the lovey-dovey ideas.

Being a kid at heart is always a good idea and these ideas can be for the whole family.

The more personal choices...need I say more?

Outings such as the new Red bus route is something we always wanted to do and the Aquirium is loved by the Little One (this would be a family date) and I love me some cocktails. Even golden oldies such as a bowling night is a great idea and something we never even considered!

Then there are the stay-in nights - drop the kids off with granny and do one of these! I highly suggest you pick it on a Monday so you can book tickets or make arrangements by Friday.

No more excuses, let's go on a date!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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