Valentine's Cupcakes Gifts in 5 minutes

This Sunday is Valentine's Day so here is a quick idea:

You don't need to be able to bake to make a special gift for your loved-one this Valentine's Day. If you have a bake shop that sells tasty cupcakes and a a couple of decorating goodies you can make these!

Buy a cupcake with white icing, it can be chocolate or vanilla cupcake but red velvet would be best (red is the colour of love after all). Get a container to place your cupcake in. As I am giving it to Hubby I place it in one of my tumbler glasses.

Top the cupcake with a dusting of edible glitter en red confectionery hears (available from most stores or speciality cake stores).

Wrap the whole glass in clear plastic tying it on top. So you can see the gift all the way through.

Add a red heart and a cute home-made card and there you go. This is also easy to do for a lot of people at the office or so. Just tell them you want the glasses back or buy a cheap set at a warehouse.

Enjoy your Valentine's Day!

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