Low carb Sandwich Lunch

The one aspect I really hate about living low carb is...wait for it.. the low carb aspect! You would think this would really set me up for failure but not me. I just find proper replacements! Making a low carb bread from scratch is sometimes a bit time consuming, especially if you have to separate eggs etc. Buying premixes isn't always a viable option though as they usually have an ingredient list that reads like a science experiment!

Therefore I search for one who uses the same ingredients I would and also should be so expensive that it becomes unaffordable. I found a likely candidate at my local M-kem pharmacy of all places! It's from a company called Mojo Me and it looked really promising. I bought the 'bread mix' and the chocolate brownie mix.

It has natural ingredients and the baking process is easy to use, just don;'t do what I did: used egg yolk on top - it didn't brown properly. Next time I will brush it with an whole egg and top with some seeds.

Having nut flour bread can be expensive (whether you make it at home from scratch, buy premixes or buy the bread itself) so I cut it into very thin slices and put it in the freezer. Then I can also have 4 slices instead of just 2 which make it feel like I am eating a lot more than what I actually am!

So for lunch I packed the low carb bread, butter, avocado, cheese slices and salami. I also added, as a treat, some of the low carb brownies and double thick cream, but the bread was so filling that I never ate the treat - I gave it to a friend to try and she could believe it was low carb!

So all I had to do at work is to spread each slice generously with butter, ad either a slice of cheese and salami or some avocado and salt and pepper. Easy peasy and so delicious? Who said you can't enjoy a sandwich on a low carb diet?

If however even doing this is just too much trouble why not try my 2 minute microwave bread instead?

Do you have an even easier recipe to try?

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