Low Carb Chocolate Brownies from Mojo Me

As I mentioned last week, I discovered a company called Mojo Me that sells premixes for the low carb follower and it includes amazing mixes such as bread, pizza bases and this amazing low carb brownie mix that even kids love. And considering the mix include these 71% sugar free chocolate hearts, it's perfect for valentine's day!

Mojo Me utilises natural ingredients and you won't find any soya or modified weird spelling ingredients anywhere! And the instructions are really easy to follow. It really is idiot proof, which means I baked the bread and brownies in one go on a Sunday evening. I made 2 batches  and handed out a piece of brownie to everyone I saw at work.

I myself eat them warmed in the microwave with some double cream on top! They taste amazing and really fill you up. I wouldn't recommend eating the low carb bread and brownies in one go as I intended with this lunch box below, as nut flours still contains some carbs and they are high in calories. But as a dessert after dinner? Go for it and enjoy!

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