Beef Burger and Burger Bowls

While I started following the low carb lifestyle, the rest of my family has not. Hubby and Toddler has switched over to whole wheat breads and pastas to get away from the over processed white stuff. I therefore tend to make meals where I can add some carbs and substitute either cauliflower or salad for my meal. One of our biggest loves are a proper burger.

I have learnt to love a Burger Bowl, which is essentially a burger patty with lost of salad ingredients. I say learnt because not being able to pick up a burger and take a big bite is basically the only thing I loved about it. Or so I thought. I do have some ideas how to spice it up!

Firstly I buy the best, thick-cut patties I can find. Woolworth's make a fantastic beef patty with just the amount of fat so it stays juicy. If you want to make it yourself, don't use lean beef as your burger will be dry.

Just before the burgers are done, I add a dollop of onion relish on top of each and then cover it with cheese.

So instead of a cheese slice I use grated cheese, as it makes a melted cheesy sauce which is great for the Burger Bowl.

Add a lid a steam until the burger is cooked to you liking. Don't over cook it because it will go dry. It should be slightly pink inside.

In the meantime prepare the buns by adding lots of veggies and some siracha mayo. I do the same for the Burger Bowl, lots of veggies and some mayo as well.

When the burgers are done, to the buns and salad bowl and enjoy immediately (or you salad veggies will wilt). You can also do some sweet potato fries on the side.


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