Mother Daughter Lunches

Doing a grown-up (low carb) and a toddler (reduced carb/sugar) lunch shouldn't be an issue or too much of an effort. I do a weekly shop of the following staples: yoghurt (always full cream sometimes even double cream and plain), fruit (berries and bananas), cheeses and a selection of meatballs or sausages. Then I add leftovers from the night before, for a selection of protein and veggies. This means I make quick lunches that takes a bout 5 minutes while still allowing me to the vary the content so the Little One doesn't get bored.

My and Hubby's lunches (when we get them) are almost exclusively leftovers. It is so versatile and if it is good enough to enjoy for dinner, then why waste any? This one is steak with a side salad of celery, peppers, cheese and avocado with some mayonnaise (nothing that can go soft). I make the lunch box while dishing up supper, meaning I slice the steak and leave to cool, add the salad to the container and after dinner I add the steak to the lunch box and refrigerate. Ready to grab the next morning.

Breakfast is another quick option. I buy organic double thick yoghurt or the plain double cream yoghurt from Woolworth's that also taste great and add my own goodies. For me it is a few berries only. If you mix it through the night before you end up with a beautiful rosy-pink yoghurt without all the added artificial stuff. For the Little One I add pure honey (about 1/2 a teaspoon) only or some honey and a mixture of berries. Quick and easy and because you are buying a big tub it also works out cheaper.

This is a variation on the Little One's daily lunch. She get a cooked meal at school as well so this, so it is more of a snack in between and so far she hasn't gotten bored yet. In every lunch box I add a protein, sometimes chicken nuggets, meatballs or pork sausages or a combination thereof. Here we have homemade meatballs and Woolworth's mini pork bangers. I added some of the yellow peppers from our salad last night. Then for fruit, we have strawberries and raspberries. For the cheese part I added 3 little Laughing Cow squares. I also sometimes use the big Laughing Cow triangles, Kiri cheese squares, small cheese or just cubes.

This combination usually excludes carbs as she gets a sandwich in the afternoon and usually pasta or some other form of cab with the cooked meal. So too for dinner. She also has half an apple cut into slices which she snacks on, on her way to school early in the morning.
There you go, quick low carb and healthy lunches that takes only 5 minutes each!

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