Bake Off for Charity!

We, at work, support the Tygerberg Children's Hospital whereby we hold monthly socials in the form of a domino competition and selling some food. This however means a small amount of profit is made which very slowly increases the amount we have for charity. We decided to do a local bake off competition between the 6 offices. We had hoped that we have at least one cake form each office but the enthusiasm was so great that we had 14 cakes entered!

Initially we were to taste all the cakes, vote on the best cakes for points to presentation and taste and then have a small prize, but with so many cakes we decide to also have an auction. We would select 5 cakes for auction leaving 9 cakes to taste. We obviously have some serious hidden talents as these were the contenders (some even baked 2 cakes):

The X-factor was a gluten free and sugar free berry cheesecake baked by Widaad while the Good S.I.R was a delicious chocolaty cheesecake baked by Sanet.

The Caffe Latte cake had a vanilla coffee layer and a chocolate layer with a chocolate filled centre baked by Jabu while the beautifully and light Flan had a sponge base filled with proper caramel and topped with cream, baked by Lucas (the only man to enter the competition!).

We also had a sour cream and pecan cake that doesn't require any icing and is enjoyed with fresh cream baked by Lucas as well (some people are just too industrious!)
The chocolate overload cake was this huge chocolate monster with a hidden chocolate sauce centre topped with more chocolate and having 4 layers, baked by Aziza. The traditional carrot cake was moist and sweet topped with some of the best cream cheese icing ever, baked by Barbara.

The Dark and Moist Chocolate cake was filled with cream and a ganache topping while also having a chocolate mural on top, baked by Nina. The Naughty Naked Rainbow Cake was a 5 layer, gluten free experiment by Telana topped with a bright selection of sweets.

We did not only have chocolate as we also tasted this fresh butter and orange cake that was refreshing and tart enough to cut through all the sweetness. This beauty was baked by Noleen.

The Nutella and Ferrero Rocher Cheesecake was also topped with peanut brittle and was one I was most interested in tasting. I might be able to share this recipe with you if I get permission form the baker - Sharon. The Hawaiian Wedding cake is similar to a carrot cake except it has pineapple and coconut mixed in. This was baked by Nicole.

Sharon also baked this beautiful red velvet cake which is layered with ganache, mascarpone and berries to add to the beautiful red colours.

While Widaad bakes the gluten free sugar free X-factor she also baked a tradition Malay Milk Tart  that was so good and creamy that people still talk about it.

We auctioned off the Red Velvet, the Nutella Cheesecake, the X-factor, the Chocolate Overload and the Dark and Moist cake. But the spirits were so high we also auctioned off all the leftovers!

We had three prizes and they were awarded by voting on a ballot as follows:

Best looking cake:

1st prize - Chocolate Overload Cake
2nd - Dark and Moist Cake

Best Tasting cake:

1st prize - The Good S.I.R
2nd - caffe latte chocolate cake

The prize for the highest cake on auction:

1st prize - Chocolate Overload Cake
2nd - Red Velvet.

We ended up reaching more than double our goal! What a great day and for such a good cause!.

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