IYO Burgers

We found the most amazing burger joint in Cape Town. It is small and you can't reserve a table but it is hidden away, making it a real gem. Its IYO Burgers meaning 'Inside & You're Out'. They have 2 locations with one at the Oranjezich Farmers Market every Saturday. The other is in Bree Street, Cape Town.

Their 4 principles that underline the burgers are (1) delicious food, (2) local community support, (3) environmental impact reduction and (4) ethical accessibility. Quite heavy for a restaurant don't you think? This however translates into fresh, beautiful burgers with the tastiest ingredients ever, all locally sources.

Their menu also caters for everyone, I mean look at the burgers! The top one is a vegetarian burger while the bottom one is a perfect meaty lovers dream! You also get to choose between sweet potato fries, normal fries or a salad. They stock a variety of craft beers just to top it off.

Just look at that perfect, juicy medium burger? The one below is a Kimcheezy burger, meaning a Boerenkaas cheddar patty, topped with slow roasted, pressed and caramelised pork belly, house made kimchi, caramelised pickle apple puree and siracha Asian mayo. Wow!

But what about those doing LCHF? Well you can order any of the burgers as 'bunless'. They serve it as a salad bowl burger being a 'burger bowl'. And oh my, it was the best burger I have ever had! I didn't even miss the bun. Instead I think it was even better than the bun and I will order it again and again even if I am not following LCHF!

I had the Whiskey Braai-BBQ burger being smoked cheddar beef patty, topped with organic bacon  (crispy fried bits), avocado (if in season, which it wasn't) wild rocket and the famous Whiskey Braai-BBQ sauce. The salad itself had red onion, red cabbage, cucumber, apple, sprouts, carrot, corn kernels and goodness knows what else. All I can say is it was freaking amazing! If someone has the recipe please share!

Go now, for lunch even, or go on Saturday to the market but please just go!

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