A Wedding in Riebeek Wes

Every year in March we have a busy schedule with a bunch of birthdays (young and old) and a couple of weddings. Lots and lots of weddings.

This year we only have 2 but I am being exposed to some new and exciting places I would never have seen otherwise.

One such place is a small town called Riebeek Wes just other side of Wellington. The Wedding was at Allesverloren Wine Estate with a beautiful treetop canopy, specially created for weddings.

While the ceremony was beautifully located and the bride and groom both beautiful and handsome (respectively) it is the food I especially want to praise. This was just some of the snacks!

People were actually complaining that there were just too much food but that it was so good they couldn't stop eating! So I have to give a shout out to a very talented chef because he (or she) were able to ensure that a plate of food can be both comforting and elegant.

The Menu for the evening was up for all to see. Which is always a good idea, even if you serve buffet style. However the couple decided against doing a buffet (which I loved as I hate having to stand in line for food - makes me feel like I'm a kid again but not in a good way)and decided instead to give each guest a little of everything. We ended up having these huge plates of food. Luckily the food was so great, no one wasted a bite!

We stayed at a bed-and-breakfast called Church Hills run by a lovely husband and wife team. We stayed in the Windsor room and really loved it. So quiet and beautiful.

How inviting is this? Just look at the sunshine - an accidental inclusion but so pretty.

The little patios for the other rooms. The all open to the swimming pool and braai area on the one side and the other side of the rooms open to the breakfast room.

Our room was completely separate.Our room was almost secluded and tucked away behind the trees. No neighbours! Perfect as a honeymoon suite.

I slept like a rock which is weird as I hate sleeping in someone else's bed! But really who won't in such a bed? It was a bit short for Hubby but even he didn't complain.

The room was white and clean (always a surprise as it is more the exception to the rule) with lost of fluffy towels, air con and a mini bar filled with beer, coke and water! Coffee and tea goodies as well.

Breakfast was just as good. While having a selection of continental goodies (cereal, yoghurt etc) you also get a hot breakfast of bacon and eggs. The breakfast room is bright an cheery (and you get to see both husband and wife cooking away).

I have fallen in love with this little town and will be visiting again to see what else there is to do except eat to your hearts content...

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