Motherland Coffee Shop


This coffee shop is pure evil. No definitely just stay away. Your diet will thank you later! This place sells some of the best chai coffee I have had in a long time but this isn't the reason I go back again and again. And we have one at the Mandela Rodes Place in St George's Mall in Cape Town.
It isn't even for their toasted fresh croissants with cheese and tomato (absolutely divine as a breakfast or quick lunch). But no it isn't even for the perfectly baked cookies or mini banana loaf cake (my go-to after a busy morning with loads of butter).

I return every time for their chocolate brownies. Almost cake-like in texture: fluffy and light but with soft chunks of chocolate in between. Sweet but not too sweet and a fantastic chocolate kick. I love these and always buy 2 because one just isn't enough!

As I said at the beginning: stay away! That leaves more brownies for me!

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