Little One's Second Birthday Party | Daisy Duck Theme

So many things have happened in the last year with the Little One growing up so very fast. Sometimes I feel like she is a little adult in a toddler's body. Though with the "terrible two's" now making some appearances I might change my mind! I decided to spoil the Little One for her Birthday but also to make life easy for me. It means spending some cash but less stress- in other words I outsourced everything!

I did make life difficult for myself by trying to choose a less popular theme: Daisy Duck! But poor Daisy is seriously neglected in the merchandise department! I could only find Daisy Duck goodies that also had Minnie Mouse on. I however chose her for her colour scheme - pink, purple, white and a bit of turquoise.

The kids loved it and the purple was easy to convert to make it boy-friendly as well. I added Mickey Mouse colouring books and Mickey Mouse Club House lucky packets for the boys.

I order a jumping castle from BouncyKidz and they also provided the tables, chairs, table cloths and chair covers.The jumping castle was the best idea ever, it kept the kids busy and happy while also tiring them out for an easy nap. It was therefore the only entertainment I needed.

As I said, finding Daisy Duck merchandise was so difficult but I found some Minnie Mouse Boutique goodies and I just removed Minnie from the equations, well as much as I could. I decided to leave some of the Minnie Mouse goodies, where both characters were visible. What I lacked for quantity I made up with balloons. 80 balloons to be exact! I found someone to come and inflate the balloons at your home so no need to travel with them.

The food was simple: mini ham and pineapple pizzas, mini cheese hamburgers, chicken nuggets, sausages, samosas, mini quiches and fruit kebabs. A big variety but not too much in quantity. I knew the kids were going for the sweet stuff instead. I did try to limit the sweets though.

Now for the sweet stuff:

I splurged on some cute and delicious cupcakes and Daisy Duck cookies. Oh my gosh but these were delicious! And so darn pretty, I almost loath having people eat them! I had 20 cookies and 20 cupcakes and not a single one was left!

As the cookies had Daisy Duck's face on them, I opted for a cake topper on the cupcakes instead. I ordered 10 vanilla cupcakes and 10 chocolate cupcakes to account for everyone tastes.

I also found these pretty big marshmellow lollipops from Click's of all places. I just replaced the thin red bows with these huge pink bows and made a little Styrofoam board. The plates had both Minnie and Daisy Duck on them but they fitted with the theme. Doing a twin girls birthday party would be great with a Minnie and Daisy theme, so easy to decorate!


I added a big jug of Oros juice and paper cups that both children and adults could enjoy. I didn't make it to strong. The water jugs are from @Home but the spout is so low that I placed it on a cake stand to make pouring easier. It looked so adorable!

The food was available from the start of the party being 10h00 as most of the kids also have their snack time this time in the mornings at school. I also wanted them to eat some proper food before hitting the sugar. I added some popcorn in easy containers to snack on if the kids weren't too hungry. I bought a cute little Daisy Duck figurine that I added as decor.

I also made some lucky packets that had the following: a colour in in page, crayons, bubbles, stickers, pink milk, a straw and 1 sweet. These I added to the table as decor and it had a drink in it for easy access.

On the tables I also placed these colouring books which have special pens that looks white but shows colour only on the special colouring book pages - no staining on clothes or the rented table cloths! As almost all the kids at school in the Little One's class have their birthdays in October and November (I am not joking 18 kinds of which 16 have their birthdays in these 2 months, 2 in the same week as my little girl!) I decided to send the unused colouring books to school as a birthday treat instead of cupcakes or sweets.


No I didn't forget about the adults (and there were so many as the whole family always attend). I had the Little Pink Chef make platters for the adults too (she made everything for the kids' platter) and I was not disappointed! I added a jug of lemon water to the adults table and we had buckets with ciders in the garden.

The food were all small and easy to eat such as a selection of mini burgers: beef, chicken, camenbert etc. A real treat and easy to eat: just 3 bites!
We did have an abundant of toothpicks and I would request them to be greatly reduced next time, but it did have the advantage of keeping fingers away from the food. It just doesn't look too pretty... We had cheese platter, sausages, salamis and other cold meats, crackers and olives. Everything you need for a platter.
I also had fruit kebabs for the adults (something without carbs other than the cheese platter) and we had a great selection of wraps.

A whole table of goodies. Way too much food as always but I would rather have leftover that too little! I am paranoid like that. But what I suggest is that, because the party was between breakfast and lunch, you calculate 3 pieces for each adult. That way you won't be stuck with too much food. However as the platters were made the Saturday morning very early, we were still able to enjoy everything on Sunday. No waste.

I you want to get in contact with the balloon guy or the lady for the cupcakes and cookies, leave a comment I will reply with all the details!
Hope this inspired you or at least provided some ideas for your next event! Bring on Christmas!

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