COHEN DIET | Breakfast Sandwich and Steak Lunch

Breakfast and lunch in one setting. I was so tired of doing the same breakfast - a 175ml plain fat free yoghurt, that I became adventurous! I am having a salad sandwich for breakfast again! 

I took about 1/2 a cup of smooth (creamed) cottage cheese and cheated a bit by adding smoked chilli's. I had some yellow peppers, red onion and lettuce leaves to add to 2 crispbreads. I will have to see whether having a 'sandwich' at 7am is a good idea, but anything is better than another plain yoghurt!

Lunch was a simple steak salad: left over steak which I just cut up into pieces, cherry tomatoes (not really allowed but it travels easier!), red onions and yellow pepper. I added parsley and lettuce for some freshness and my usual salad dressing of mayonnaise and vinegar.
I am not following Cohen 100% which you really should be being healthier is my main goal. If I eat a healthy lunch and breakfast everyday then my dinner choices should derail me too much...unless I over do it!

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