COHEN DIET: Chicken Salad

I know doing the same thing every day becomes boring quickly and especially with a diet, it also becomes difficult to follow. But really this is just so damn convenient!. I just can't get away from the salads! Luckily it is almost summer time when it gets so hot nothing else will do.

So what was included? Chicken pieces dices and cooked with some spices, salad goodies in the form of tomatoes, cucumber and red onion, some lettuce on the side and a dollop of mayonnaise. You can just mix these up and enjoy as is but I suggest buying a fluffy pita bread, warm it in the microwave for a few seconds, mix all the ingredients together and stuff it all into the pita!
I added some plain yoghurt which I had for breakfast and for lunch I also ate my orange for some sweetness.

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