COHEN DIET | Cottage Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

Having eggs for breakfast might be great on the weekends but a disaster on early weekday mornings. It's just not possible. And having a plain yoghurt every morning is so unsatisfactory. So I played around with cheese. Cottage cheese to be exact.

This little gem of an idea ended up tasting great while still providing me with a use for the vegetable allocation. If you just use the cheese then you are left with a cup of vegetables that you just don't know what to do with and I am not eating a salad at 7am!

So the sandwich is very easy: crackerbread topped with rocket or lettuce, some cottage cheese (plain or flavoured), green/yellow pepper and onions. I did however cheat a bit and added a non-Cohen flavouring to my cottage cheese but you can add herbs - preferably some coriander, salt, pepper and a bit of sweetener. I added this:

My new addiction! And not even available everywhere! It is a smoked pepper and chili concoction that I now add to absolutely everything! Brussel sprouts mixed with grated cheese and a teaspoon of this makes even Hubby devour it! You don't have to add a lot (1/4 tsp is what I added to the cottage cheese and reduce my veggie intake by 20g and didn't use any mayonnaise for the day to account for the oil). They apparently have the same flavour in a pesto! I can't wait to get hold of it! Fynbos Foods are available from certain outlets.
Give this a try! It would make great presents to the guys as well! trust me!

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