Quick Avo and Cheese Toast

What to do when you are just way too busy to prepare a proper lunch box and you just can't stomach another stint of leftovers? Well throw a couple of rye bread slices in a bag, add an avocado and a couple of Kiri Cheese squares and there you go! Quick, easy and even cheap and if you double the bread and cheese to 4 slices and 4 cheese squares you have enough for 2 days! Or if you are me, then lunch and a 3pm snack...

This is my go to lunch and if I'm very busy at work I might even have this lunch 2 to 3 times a week (like the last couple of weeks). Rye is very good for sustenance, the cheese for my protein and my good fats from the avocado. Sugar free lunch that doesn't take forever to prepare.

What is your go to lunch that is easy and healthy?

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