Happy Halloween throwback!

It's Halloween in the USA. South Africa is getting on board with spooky sweets and cute outfits etc available from most shops. I just wish it would be even bigger here. I would be the first one to dress up and walk the streets! But lets stick with lunchbox goodies. Here is a throwback recipe I forgot to share.

What do you need:
  • Kit Kats, chilled
  • White chocolate, melted and dyed green
  • Black or brown gel icing
  • Rolo chocolates
  • Candy "eyes"
  • Twizzler Black Licorice Twists, cut into thin slices

What must you do:
  1. Brush white chocolate on top third of a Kit Kat.
  2. Press a Rolo into the chocolate on top of the Kit Kat. If the chocolate has set, use icing or additional chocolate to get it to stick.
  3. Press two candy "eyes" into the white chocolate for the eyes.
  4. To create the stitch above on the cheek, use black gel icing to draw a horizontal line and drag a toothpick through the line to create a stitch effect.
  5. Press a thin slice of licorice into the white chocolate for the mouth. If needed, use icing to get it to stick.
  6. Press two small slices of licorice into the side of the Kit Kat to create the bolts.


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