Hungry Hubby Turns 2!

So many things have happened! This has been an amazing, though hectic year. Last year this time little Em was born now she is turning 1. Hubby has moved off strict lunch boxes so my focus has been more on healthier living with the occasional proper indulgence. We haven't been to too many new places and restaurants, as new parents we choose to rather stay home and have family time. We did have a fantastic holiday in Phuket with baby traveling like a trooper. Back at work I have been so busy that lunches has become a struggle and cooking dinners had to be quick. But all in all, another good year! 

Thank you for sharing it with. The journey is just starting!

Here's a look at the last year:

Summertime salads and these are Cohen-friendly too!

My 5 minute glutted and carb free microwave bread. What more do you need?

Dinner is alway a struggle of "what to make" but pasta and wraps are quick and easy and can be whipped up in 20 minutes flat.

A comfort lunchbox is like a comfort blanket - always welcome and adding leftovers just makes it easier!

I love croissants and am always looking for a reason to enjoy them with some decent ham and cheese and a small spread of mustard.

And of course there are the lunch boxes:

Big or small, leftover or just something 
for the lunchbox...

Hmmm french toast..

And lastly weekend lunches, cooking classes and desserts.

I have had an amazing year. How was yours?

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