Daily Lunch Box for Grown Ups

We grown-ups need to eat too and sometimes it gets expensive to buy lunch everyday. In Cape Town central it can cost up to R40 for just a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich and a cup of coffe can be R28! So making your own lunches from goodies you buy n bulk is always a good idea. 

I add my breakfast, snack and lunch in one of the big Tupperware lunch boxes with 2 levels. At the bottom level I add 2 tbsp red pepper hummus, a mini cucumber, carrots and celery to dip into the hummus, some grapes, a clementine and a bran muffin (the muffin is breakfast).

On the second layer I add a big sandwich, which I will have for lunch. The sandwich is made from wholewheat bread, creamed cottacge cheese, some chutney, this sliced ham and some sweetmilk cheese. I cut it into 4 squares and was able to nibble on it for the whole day!

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