Anniversary Mount Nelson

Hubby and I were fortunate enough to enjoy our wedding at the Mount Nelson Hotel so to make life easier in the selection process, we always return to the scene of the crime (it really is a crime to be this happy and no we have our bad days like any normal couple). Luckily we love their food! It is just such a shame that the photos are always so dark.

Prawns poached in olive oil
Malay curry sauce | shaved fennel | pickled carrot | yogurt | curry leaf dressing

We both had starters and we really shouldn't have taken two, but I'm allergic to shellfish so we just had no choice...okay I lie, I would always order because here you get to explore and try something new.

Seared duck breast

confit leg corn dog | liver parfait | dried prune purée | salted pear sorbet | candied pickle ginger

Grilled springbok loin
Jerusalem artichoke | spinach | spätzle | crushed nuts | braised shank croquette

Hubby usually has the steak and I try something different but he decided to have a go at the Springbok. He actually said he thinks his food tasted better than mine (the nerve!)


Grilled beef rib-eye steak (300g)
hand cut fries |pepper sauce | chef's salad

I love how you just receive the steak on the plate and on the side is a little brass pot with your sauce, your fries and a lovely fresh salad. That pepper sauce is too die for. Hubby had it last time and I so craved it!

Because we already had starters (and homemade bread with fresh homemade butter people!), we were a bit full and decided to fight our nature and order just one dessert to share. So after deliberating (read intense stand off) for about 30 minutes, we decided on this coffee beauty. And we were not disappointed!

Caramel Irish coffee
whiskey ice cream | white coffee foam | sunflower crumble | butterscotch caramel crème

And the reason we always go back is the small things, the attention to detail, the extra mile they go to. Like this little plate with homemade goodies to say happy anniversary. I can't wait until I have an excuse to go again.

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