Low Carb: Quick cheese roll-ups

Doing low-carb 24/7 isn't as easy if you have done things differently for the last 3 decades! Bread has always been my stable for snacks and lunches. Even breakfast for that matter. So what doe you do for a quick snack if a PB & J sandwich is no longer an option. Well I opened the fridge door and grabbed the first 3 things I saw intending to do a bit of a platter. But the pork slices were so thick that I really couldn't get away from the idea to use it as a mini-meat-tortilla!

So all you need is a slice of thick ham or beef, some plain cream cheese (I see Kiri has finally brought back their big containers - so good!) and some chili sauce or mustard. I used the Fynbos Smoked Chili Relish.

Place the ham on a plate, spread with 1 tbsp cream cheese, top with sauce and roll into a cigar shape!


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