LOW CARB Chicken Salad

This salad is quick and easy if you have roast chicken or any leftover cooked chicken on hand. As always I prepare a bit more supper than needed or buy a rotisserie chicken when I am feeling lazy. We have most of it for dinner or a weekend lunch and I make something like this for dinner or lunch the next day. This could be called the kitchen sink chicken salad as it is an opportunity to add whatever you have in the fridge - a jar of green olives, small packets of veggies, that half cucumber and so on.

So here is what I did. I added the following (but you can add whatever you want and as many as you want:
  • some Rosa tomatoes cut in half,
  • some cucumber slices,
  • a salad onion (purple) cut in slices,
  • fresh coriander, shredded,
  • sugar-snap peas, cut in strips
  • green olives, and
  • some fresh minced garlic.

Adding all of these is fine as long as you are either eating it directly or you have to keep your lettuce separate or it will go soggy.

Thereafter I added about half a cup of cooked chicken on top.

The dressing is quick and easy - just throw everything in the same bowl! 
  • some pouring cream (2tbsp)
  • some vinegar (1 tsp)
  • some olive oil (1 tsp), and
  • salt and pepper
As I added all the ingredients at the same time I just poured these last ingredients on top. If you wish to keep it separate then use the above, add the garlic and coriander, mix well and keep one side.

Mix well and leave for a bit to infuse (or make the dressing in advance) and enjoy!

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