Low carb breakfast and lunch, Monday 11 January 2016

Can you believe it's 2016 already? I don't know where my year has gone...or my good intentions for that matter. I had a bit a sick Christmas as my immune system kind of crashed - due to many things such as stress, many new and exciting developments career-wise but mainly due to my very bad diet of high carb and high sugar. But I was properly scared straight with this book:

Oh my goodness, what am I feeding myself and my family? I have never really been on the low carb high fat (LCHF) bandwagon because I have very high hereditary cholesterol and am so scared that such a diet might make it worse. I have played around with it before by making Low Carb Microwave bread and so forth but somewhere between Christmas and New year something in me snapped. And I have a sneaky suspicion it might be my sugar addiction. I immediately stopped all sugar intake. I became a bit of a Food-Label-Nazi (Hubby's words not mine) and the more I read the more I got scared. Why is all this information only coming to hand now? Why have we always been told fat is bad if that is not the case and why are people still fighting against a food revolution? In Sweden it has gone National and I wish I could read the local language as they have some amazing authors and experts around.
(Little One's lunch - flapjack pancake with cashew nut butter and fresh raspberries | chickken meatballs, grapes, tomatoes and sugarsnap peas)
So anyway. My rant is complete, I promise. This is the last you will hear om my scare. You will notice that while I am trying to unconsciously follow a LCHF diet (which is naturally low in sugar), my family is not. The reason is mainly the same as why you will not hear me talk about the lifestyle again: it must be your realisation of what might work for you. I have only been doing for 2 weeks so I don't even know if it is good for me or sustainable. I will be reducing the Little One's sugar intake gradually - if I take away all the goodies now I will have a riot on hand. And as I do most of the cooking Hubby's diet will eventually follow. I will add high carb foods such as pasta where I can but I will not cook 2 separate meals.
So lets get on with it it! What does my menu for today look like? A coffee with some cream, Double Cream Plain Yoghurt topped with some fresh raspberries and cacao nibs. A bit sour but really nice and surprisingly filling. I am trying to teach myself to only eat when I am actually hungry (not bored etc) and to stop when I am full. But being scared of sudden hunger means I always have to add a snack or 6. Now I add 1/2 an avocado coated in some olive oil so it won't go brown and cucumber sticks. To either eat on it's own with some salt and pepper, as a dip for the cucumber sticks or to add to my salad.

I also made some "fat bombs" which is basically some peanut butter fudge or chocolate candies. A good excuse to get more fat in my diet wile also addressing my extreme sweet tooth. They are easy to make and even the Little One likes them - much better than normal chocolate. I even add them to coffee to make a Mocachinno. You do have to keep them in the fridge though or they melt.

And finally lunch is a Chicken Salad. So quick and easy to make! I will post the full recipe hereafter! Let me know in the comment section what you think about this (controversial) topic? Will you try it? Have you tried it and failed? Let me know whether I am making a huge mistake or whether you will follow my new adventure!

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