Happy New Year!

December 2014 was a nightmare! We had so many birthdays and then also Christmas and I was one of the people responsible for the menu planning, shopping and cooking of a summer feast for 20 people, while have one hell of a hangover!

But with January 2015 we have new year and with some IT help I can access my blog again (I don't have access to a computer and that is the sole reason I haven't been able to share any new posts) but boy, do I have a lot to share.

Our Christmas menu was created without any hot dishes and no mayonnaise, which I wish I could explain, for a South African is almost impossible! I will add all the recipes soon for 2 reasons: so I won't forget them and so we can use them again next year.

But back to January 2015 and our first lunchbox of the year!

I love this big lunchbox with its many compartments. In the one I added full cream yoghurt, cheerio cereal and mini marshmallows, the little one's favourite!

Then on the other side I have the "snacks": flapjacks, hot dogs, mini cheese squares and grapes.

In the main compartment we have my famous rice salad and curry lamb kebabs/sosaties!

The first lunchbox was for the Little One but was enough for her and 1 adult and was great as is.

So here is to a new year, many new recipes and ideas, healthy eating and some great parties!


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